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The importance of baby playing with stuffed toys

  Current plush toys are also many young people especially girls love most, but back in the end plush toys still belongs to toys for children, because the plush toys with good comfort and soothe emotions, on the baby's growth useful, if the baby is not easy to fall asleep, and you can side to coax him to sleep, aside to let him touch, play plush toys.
  Starting from the plush toy, the children also had the original imagination. Little bear or little rabbit in his hands, slowly will listen to his secret, or to follow the role of a child to play the role of.
  In addition, in a certain sense, plush toys have become the first mirror of the baby, he will be his own emotional projection to the above. So, if a bag suddenly one day for him like plush toys issued rude behavior, maybe this is the time he needs to express and vent their pressure and emotions, do not stop him.
  Secondly, the baby to play with the plush toys are not suitable for too much, the size should be controlled in the baby can take it to any place, and the quality is better, plush not too long, too fine.
  And plush toys are easily stained with dirt, so to do a good job cleaning and sterilization. The machine washable, easy to dry the plush toy is very wise.
  Prepare a few plush toys for your baby, guide your baby to be fair to them, take turns to take them out, choose a different company to go to sleep. This can prevent the baby from excessive attachment to a plush toy. In the middle of the selection of plush toys to the baby there are a number of major issues that need to be:
  1, according to the child's age to choose
  For the children of 0 ~ 2 years old, should they choose exaggerated modelling, brightly colored plush toys, for example like "blue Wizard" in a few small animal shape, big big eyes, small body, their color difference is very obvious, because this time the child's thinking is not yet ripe, discrimination ability is relatively poor.     Choice of exaggerated, brightly colored plush toys will help to enhance their attention. The size of the toy should not be too large, so that children play. 6 to 3 years of age children should be selected for their realistic toys, in order to facilitate the identification of children, the growth of knowledge. But also pay attention to take children to watch the animals, so as to avoid confusion in the understanding. Girls over the age of 6 can choose a number of female long plush animals, such as wearing a skirt or a bow tie, let the children know that animals also have sex.
  2, according to the appearance of the toy to choose
  Select plush toys are, should check whether the head of the toy head round the whole, full, and soft and hard moderate. Nose position should be roughly centered. The position of the ear and nose should be symmetrically arranged, and there should be no obvious difference between the ear and the nose. Mouth and tongue position to respond to the location of the nose, not offset. The thickness of the limbs should be symmetrical, proper length.
  3, according to the fabric and sewing quality of toys to choose
  Plush toys, fabric, pure wool and chemical fiber two kinds. Pure wool fabric with high price, easy to moth, which rarely used. Buy good quality toys are very important, good quality of plush toys do not shed, do not fall to the ground, after combing to restore the status quo. And the poor quality toys are the opposite. Generally in the head of the toy and the body of the connection between the limbs and the body are used in sewing process, should be carefully checked. Good quality toys in general line foot evenly, no off-line, there is no thread exposed, to choose according to filling with eyes fastness
  Now the plush toys filled acrylic cotton, polyester or sponges. Gently pinch the plush toys, hand elastic induction. In addition, plush toys are the key to the quality of the eye, be sure to select the eye assembly is not easy to fall off the toy, so as not to be swallowed by a child causing life-threatening. Check its fastness is best to use the spring scale, the general eye to bear the tension to be more than 90 Newton. Usually in the shop to choose a plush toy, you can use the thumb and index finger to pinch the eyes out, such as can not be easily pulled out will be able to buy. Some plush toy eyes are made of dyeing, parents can use the complex wipe the eyes, if the hand with the color of the eye, then do not buy

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